Boring Flight!!

August 22nd, 2007

Today I took my sister on her first general aviation flight. Our destination was Boring, Oregon, where we located one of our childhood homes. On the way there we circled her friend’s house in Canby, then we followed some power lines out to Boring with the aid of the ever-helpful sectional chart. Elena spotted the house and pond immediately, so we dropped down to 1,500 feet and circled for a few minutes. It was definitely cool seeing the old place from above.

On the return flight we were doing fine on time, so we entered Portland’s airspace and orbited downtown. Elena got some neat pictures of Portland’s bridges, and we headed back home once we had our fill. After calling Hillsboro tower they informed us of traffic climbing directly at us at 12:00 two miles out, so per the tower’s instructions we altered course 20 degrees to the left. Once we were clear they had us enter a right base for runway 30, and we touched down smoothly after some floating in ground effect.

Elena did great on the flight—no nausea and no freaking out. We called our mom after landing to let her know that both of her kids were safely on the ground, but driving and talking on my cell phone was probably more dangerous than the flight we just completed, so we made the conversation short!

(More pictures here)

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