Return to Lum Yuen

September 1st, 2007

Last night Tammy and I met Fred at the airport for a flight to Albany, where we returned for Chinese food at the Lum Yuen restaurant. Fred took N62407, and Tammy and I flew in N65259. We departed shortly before 7pm, with the ATIS reporting the winds at 15 knots. Once we were airborne, Fred and I communicated on the air-to-air frequency, 122.75. I stayed mostly to the west of the Willamette River, and Fred flew on the east side.

I arrived in Albany first, and after a bumpy final approach we landed on runway 34 and taxied to the restaurant, just in time to see Fred flying over our heads during his final approach. Fred ordered the Mongolian Beef, Tammy had General Tso’s Chicken, and I had Sizzling Beef with Onions (very tasty!). We were back in the air at about 10pm, and we both leveled off at a cruising altitude of 4,500 MSL. Over Salem we encountered a pair of advertising spotlights dancing in circles on the overcast ceiling, which was quite dizzying considering we we were only about 1,000 feet below the clouds. For night-time aerial photography Tammy requires absolutely zero turbulence, so once we were past Salem we initiated a descent to 3,000 to escape some minor bumps. Fred soon followed us down to the smooth air below, and the only rough air we encountered after that was produced by mechanical turbulence from the Newberg Ridge.

Tammy continued snapping pictures as we entered the pattern at Hillsboro, performed a touch-and-go at her request, followed by a full stop. The Chinese restaurant in Albany makes a great excuse to fly, and it’s just over 50 nautical miles from Hillsboro so it counts as a Cross Country flight too!

(More pictures here)

3 Responses to “Return to Lum Yuen”

  1. Fred

    man! those are some great pictures, and as always it was a blast flyin around the valley with you and Tammy, thanks for the invite.

  2. Marc

    go ahead and book an SP for an 8-hour block any weekend and we’ll head north to the San Juan islands!

  3. Tenamy

    I enjoyed practicing night-time photography. Thanks for the help remembering the most appropriate f stops, isos and shutter speeds because I was about to give up taking pictures at the beginning of the flight when it started to get dark.

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