Dave’s Flight to Hood River

September 19th, 2007

This evening I took my very good friend Dave on a flight down the Columbia River gorge to Hood River, and back to Hillsboro. We were planning on heading north to Mount Adams, then west to Mt. St. Helens, but we got off to a late start and ended up just flying the first leg. We had flight following there and back, and there was quite a lot of chatter from PDX that frequently interrupted our conversation, so the detailed explanation of the VOR system had to wait until we were on the ground. Portland approach took us directly over downtown, then over the field and well into Vancouver, WA before allowing us to resume our own navigation to Hood River.

We stayed on frequency with Seattle Center outside of Portland’s airspace and enjoyed ATC’s wonderful flight following service as we progressed down the gorge and back. Dave took the controls for much of the return flight, keeping us level at 6,500 and maintaining course like a pro. We initiated our descent over East Portland and continued down to Hillsboro’s traffic pattern altitude, landing on runway 30. I think it was a great introduction to general aviation for Dave, and I hope we’ll be making many more flights together in the weeks to come!

(View all of the pictures here)

3 Responses to “Dave’s Flight to Hood River”

  1. Phil

    Very cool. I love the pictures of downtown. It’s good to know that two of my best friends made a one-piece abacus (made it back in one piece – for those small counting fibular modulus). It would have made an interesting movie to see Dave’s feet on the ground throughout the whole flight, as the size of his head allows for such strange scenarios.

  2. David

    It was a blast flying with you. I really enjoyed learning about the instruments and the VOR navigation techniques and hearing all of the communication with the various towers. I think next time I go on a commercial flight I’ll listen to the channel where they pipe through the radio transmissions. It would be kinda cool to carry sectional charts for the places where you would be flying and follow along… Fun stuff. Looking forward to the next one! :)

  3. Marc

    I should give you some of my expired sectional charts–I can’t use them for navigation so I don’t really have a use for them.

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