Yesterday afternoon Tammy and I went on a long flight up the southwest coast of Washington state, landing at Hoquiam, and returning along the I-5 corridor. I’d been planning the flight for several weeks, but weather did not permit it until this past weekend. As it turned out there were plenty of clouds to dodge along the entire flight, however none of them posed a problem. Our planned course took us direct from Hillsboro to Astoria, but we deviated slightly to the south so Tammy could get a better view of Saddle Mountain from her window. We met up with the Oregon Coast near Seaside, then proceeded up to Astoria. We deviated again to get a closer look at the Astoria Bridge, and then continued up the Washington coast past Long Beach and Willapa Bay.

We ducked under some low clouds over Grays Harbor as we maneuvered to enter the traffic pattern at Hoquiam. There was an IFR flight landing straight in on the ILS for runway 24, so we extended downwind to let him go first. He executed a missed approach, and we turned base and final for landing. The sun was in our eyes as we touched down on the runway and pulled off onto the taxiway. We debated getting out of the plane and stretching our legs for a bit, but decided instead to taxi back to runway 24 and climb out to the east. Our course brought us near a pair of cooling towers from an abandoned nuclear power plant—we flew directly over them so Tammy could get a picture looking down into the giant structure. Once we were over Chehalis, we flew low along I-5 and witnessed a breathtaking sunset over the Washington coastal range. It was a gorgeous flight, and a perfect way to spend a Sunday evening.


(See the rest of the pictures here)

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  1. David

    Wow. Awesome photos as usual. Sounds like an amazing flight all around.

  2. Your Favorite Cousin!

    Word up cuz! I can’t believe your still flyin my way and dont even stop by or call! Oh well, I C how it is…. Nice pics n’ stuff:)


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