Night-Time Chinese Food Run

October 14th, 2007

I decided it was time to do some landing practice, so I booked N54477 for a flight on Friday evening. Tammy wanted to come along, so we turned it into a night-time cross country to Albany for some fly-in Chinese Food (again!), with the plan being that we’d fit in a few touch-and-gos at some point. On the drive to the airport we witnessed a breathtaking sunset; if only I had scheduled the flight an hour earlier we could have experienced it from the air.

The forecast for the evening was for overcast at 8,000 feet until midnight, at which point fog was expected to develop, so I planned for us to get back to Hillsboro well before then. I confirmed the forecast with Flightwatch on 122.0 once we were airborne, and kept an eye on the temperature-dewpoint spread as we ate dinner. Needless to say, the potential for fog occupied a great deal of my thoughts throughout the evening. The fog never did develop though, so we did some touch-and-gos at Hillsboro Airport when we returned. My landings definitely weren’t the greatest, but there was one smooth one in there, so it wasn’t a complete loss. All in all it was a fun Friday night date.

(More pictures here)

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  1. Tammy

    That was fun, when am I flying with you again?

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