Yesterday Dave and I headed down to Hillsboro Airport and departed in N52013, the airplane I flew my first solo in almost exactly a year ago. The avionics had since been upgraded to the Garmin GNS 430, and I’d never used that particular model, so I spent a few extra moments on the ground getting familiar with it. We departed to the North, and once over Scappoose we flew Northeast toward Mt. St. Helens, climbing above the haze to 9,500 feet MSL. I used the air-to-air frequency (122.75) to keep in contact with a Bonanza that was also circling the mountain 1,000 feet above us. The mountains were of course spectacular, and Dave snapped dozens of amazing pictures of them with his SLR.

We performed some 360’s to get better views of Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams, slowly circling the summit of the volcano. Mt. Hood and Mt. Jefferson were also clearly in view to the south, and when we got a little closer to Mt. Adams we could make out Gilbert Peak and White Pass (where I learned to ski!) to the northeast. We circled the crater for about an hour, heading back towards Longview shortly before sunset. I called Hillsboro tower over Cornelius Pass, reported on right downwind for runway 30, and touched down at about 6:45 after 2 hours in flight. This flight was definitely an amazing experience.

(More pictures here)

5 Responses to “Dave’s Flight to Mt. St. Helens”

  1. Tammy

    Gorgeous pictures, I’m jealous

  2. David

    Good photos mostly thanks to Marcus’s “developing” skills! I need to figure out some kind of filter or something to help the photos not to turn out so hazy… Although, the sky not being hazy in the first place would help. :) But yeah, it was an amazing flight. Very fun stuff. :)

  3. Marc

    From what I’ve read you can get a UV filter for about $20 that should cut out some haze–I’ll get one for Tammy and see if there is an improvement. The pictures turned out great even without it though. My sister has been ordering prints of some of our pictures from flickr; I wouldn’t be surprised if one of your pictures from this flight wound up in a frame on her wall!

  4. David

    Yeah, that UV filter is what I have, sadly, so I’m not sure if there’s much I can do… I would like to look into those filters like my photo teacher was talking about that help add contrast between the sky and the mountains, though. That’s pretty cool that your sister is buying prints. There are some amazing shots overall just because of the spectacular views afforded by being in an airplane. Fun stuff.

  5. Steve Litchfield

    Spectacular slide show. Really enjoyed this flight (from my home computer monitor). David must have a steady hand and a great camera.

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